Sustainability at MINIMAL GOLF: Innovating for the player and our planet.

We are committed to innovating to create the best performing product a player wants. At the same time, we always aim to build products that help preserve our planet. We believe performance and sustainability can co-exist.

Built for performance, sustainably.

Our journey began in Redondo Beach, California and our design studio is still here today. Because the ocean is so close to us, it keeps us connected to nature and reminds us to make a real impact on the environment through our products.

Designed for play and built to last

Every Minimal Golf product is crafted for those who enjoy the game just as much as they are passionate about the environment. It's our silent pact with the planet – a minimalist masterpiece that is built to last.

Starting with the basics: Designing a bag that performs and building it to last.

Let’s face it, the better a product performs the more we use it. Likewise, the more durable it is the longer we keep it. So we design and build bags that meet these needs.

Our commitment to the planet: Making sustainability a part of our business mission.

Since the beginning of this century global plastics production has doubled to over 460 million metric tons annually. One million plastic bottles are purchased every minute worldwide and up to five trillion plastic bags are used worldwide every year.

Investing for our future: It’s all about better business.

Sustainability is not just one small part of our business; it plays a big part in everything we do. While we are just beginning this journey, we are committed to real changes and making a long-term impact.