For the Player, for the Planet

Our brand is about playing the game we all love, but also being near the ocean and traveling to the naturally beautiful destinations where we can enjoy both with Minimal impact on the planet.

What do we mean by "Minimal"?

We believe the more you know, the less you need. As players of tens of thousands of rounds ourselves, we are passionate about perfecting the features that are essential on the course while eliminating features that are not. Whether we’re carrying it for 36 holes or throwing it on the cart for a quick nine, we believe no feature belongs on our bag unless it serves an essential purpose. And that means our bags function for the player while reducing waste for the planet.

Not Just Sustainably Made, Made to Sustain

When Sam started making bags, he was astounded to learn that the number one reason golfers throw away an old bag is because of a broken zipper. That’s why we have eliminated zippers from our golf bags. Our magnet closures retain their utility longer than any zipper can. Magnets cost more, but they extend the useful life of a Minimal bag.

Not Just Recycled Materials, Materials that are BETTER

Our bags are made from Seawastex® nylon, which is not merely recycled, but recovered from abandoned ocean fishing nets. Nylon is a better, more durable, and color-fast synthetic material than you will find in any other golf bag. It makes our bags more expensive, but it also means they retain their utility and beauty longer. It also means your choice of a Minimal bag helps eliminate an ecological hazard from our oceans.

Minimal Aesthetics

We believe every bag belongs to its player, which is why our logo is not the dominant aesthetic on the bag. Our custom hand-painting services allow each player to make our bag uniquely his/her own.

Are You a Minimal Player?

If you love the game of golf and the ocean as much as we do, we believe you will love the beauty of Minimal Golf design, where form is a perfect marriage of utility for the Player and responsibility for the Planet.